How To Work Through Your Trust Issues While In A Relationship


Young black couple feeling sad after arguing on sofa at home.

It is very difficult to build a relationship without trust. The foundation of any loving, secure relationship starts with trust, which can be hard to cultivate if you’ve been in multiple, hurtful relationships.

These issues can creep into your current partnership, but if the two people are willing to work through it, the obstacles can be overcome.

“Typically, when I talk to people who are experiencing trust issues in their relationship, there is a strong feeling of uneasiness as well as anxiety about their partner,” Liz Higgins, LMFT and founder of Millennial Life Counseling told Elite Daily.

“Both parties have to be willing to work at it,” Nicole Richardson, marriage and family therapist adds.

Being aware of your problems is the first step. Sometimes you have to trace your emotional steps to discover how you got to a point of distrust.

“When you can identify where the trust was broken, how this came to happen, and why this is an issue for you, then you can work with your partner to forgive, heal, and establish boundaries going forward to ensure that the same thing doesn’t happen again,” Higgins said of the problem.

Once you do the introspective work, you need to fill your partner in on your progress. Otherwise, your silence could cause distance in your relationship.

“Open communication will always be a relationship saver,” Higgins explains. “If you can find the bravery to confront your partner about your feelings and experience in the relationship, there is always a chance to save it.”

You and your significant other should work with a therapist of counselor so there is empathy and understanding as you process your issues. But it will be important to do your homework when you and your spouse are alone too.

“Even in counseling, individual work can only go so far,” Higgins said. “It’s when you do the work of processing and working on hardships in your relationship where the true healing occurs.”


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