The Journey Begins

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Thanks for joining me!

The stigma around mental health is appalling.
More than that, it’s just disgraceful towards those who fight battles that we can’t understand.
Imagine fighting your own thoughts.
Imagine not being able to eat.
Imagine having scars cover your body.
Imagine not having control over your body.
Imagine not being able to stay in a room with more than 10-15 people without panicking.

Sounds scary, yeah? Those are just some examples. Imagine experiencing it.
I’m not saying that people who have mental disorders are different, because they’re not.

All I’m saying is that they need to be given the respect and help that they deserve, that any human deserves.
Lastly, talking about your mental health is not attention seeking. It’s calling for help.

Mental health needs to be highlighted more. I’m here to Help others

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